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The famous teal color tools. Everyone knows a Makita tool when they see one. Makita is known as one of the world’s top tool brands in over 40 countries.

They are a global leader in power tool manufacturing and innovation with 10 plants operating in eight countries. The unmatched caliber and durability of Makita products are driven by the company’s excellent research and development capabilities and the use of high-quality materials.


Makita tools have earned the trust of professional users on job sites every day worldwide. Makita delivers the reliable power, performance, and famous durability that professional users demand. Makita tools are compact, have less vibration, and are more comfortable to use all day.

Tools You Need, Quality You Trust

Whether you need tools or appliances for carpentry, welding, decorating, masonry, demolition, plumbing, plastering, landscaping, forestry, mechanics, engineering, or any other trade or task – we have the Makita product for you that was built to last.

In today’s throw-away culture, Makita still makes quality tools that will stand the test of time (with a little care and maintenance of course). Protect yourself with Makita PPE designed by the experts who know what’s required to keep you warm, safe, and protected on the job. Let’s not forget the infamous and indestructible Makita radios – essential for any site.

The Next Generation of Cordless Power Tools

Makita’s trademark is the cordless drill and extensive range of cordless battery-powered tools. Their lines of 18v power tools all use the same Makita 18v battery. This innovative idea has made Makita one of the go-to choices for efficient and cost-effective power tool brands. Using the same battery saves time, money, and hassle when it comes to using tools all day, every day on site.

In 2021 Makita released their new range of next-gen cordless power tools – XGT 40v Max. These tools are designed to perform longer with higher performance for heavier jobs that surpass the capabilities of regular power tools.

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