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Cordless tools are commonplace on modern job sites due to their flexibility and accessibility. You no longer have to be hampered by the length of your power cord. There is nothing more frustrating than having to move to a new outlet when you are in a rhythm.

At Contractor Tool Supply, we provide an array of cordless tools from well-known construction brands. Please browse through our online database or contact our helpful customer support team to find the exact tool you need.

Shop Cordless Tools By Brand

Our user interface allows customers to filter their search results by tool category, name brand, and price. This lets you narrow your search results down to find exactly what you are looking for.

We have cordless hammer drills and other drill sets, compound saws, battery chargers, and more!

Whether your preference is DEWALT tools, Makita tools, or another household name, Contractor Tool Supply has a variety of products available.

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Why Cordless Tools?

Cordless tools allow you to work without a leash. When working in close quarters or on an exterior-facing project with limited outlets, you don’t want to lose the capability to use power tools. Cordless power tools use chargeable batteries that go with you on the job site. You can also purchase multiple batteries so you don’t have to take a break while waiting for your one battery to charge.

Power cords can lead to injuries on job sites, especially when there are lots of people walking around. OSHA has noted slips, trips, and falls as well-documented sources of workplace injuries. Cordless power tools limit these incidents by removing the risk of people tripping over as many cords.

The Contractor Tool Supply Advantage

Our founder has been in the construction industry for nearly 20 years, utilizing many of the tools we sell. Through his experience in building numerous residential and commercial properties, our founder shaped the core values of Contractor Tool Supply to provide both novice and advanced customers with construction insight and a great selection of reliable tools.

We ship all orders fast! All orders ship from our Florida warehouse and orders placed after 2 p.m. EST ship the following business day. The majority of our products are always in stock, meaning you get them quickly.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for people who aren’t satisfied with their order. Our 30-Day Return Policy allows you ample time to demo the product and determine whether it is right for the job.

Helpful Online Support

Our world-class customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. From online shopping to wondering, our team is happy to assist with your search. You can reach us by phone at (352) 431-3320 or reach out using our online form fill feature. One of our team members will reach back out to you as soon as possible to answer your inquiry.

Find Your Cordless Tools Now!

Browse through our online selection now to get the tools you need to complete your job on time! Have questions? Contact our customer support team to get answers.