There are many benefits of using cordless tools, including speed and convenience. Read more about them here in this breakdown.

Experiencing going to work on a home improvement project, such as going to turn on your electric screwdriver and finding out the battery is dead, has happened to everyone at least once. Now, imagine going to use your power tool only to find out that the cord doesn’t reach as far as you need it. Instead of being able to fix anything, it’s time to go find a power cord to extend your reach. 

Running into these problems has a tendency of throwing off your entire day. It can stall your whole project. 

This is one of the reasons that a cordless tool set what you need for your projects. Cordless Dewalt tools give you the reach to finish that project without being tied to an outlet. If you need more convincing, keep reading below! 

1. Batteries That Last

One of the best things about using cordless tools is that you have batteries that go the extra mile. These batteries are specially made to hold a charge for long periods of time. With durable batteries, your work can be done without worry that it might die in the middle of your projects. 

Dewalt tools cordless options are beneficial for you to complete your projects with heavy-duty batteries. Take a look at the projected lasting hours prior to making your final decision upon purchase. This will give you a general sense of if the battery is good enough to function the way you need it to. 

2. The Option to Change Batteries

You can replace those batteries when you find they aren’t lasting as long. The great thing about cordless tools is the chance to repair them when needed. This includes being able to change out and charge the batteries between projects. 

Your projects no longer need to be hindered by being stuck against a wall for every project you’re working on. Instead, battery charges give you the chance to use your tools when and where you need them. 

Just make sure that all of your power tools are charged up and ready to go between projects to prevent any dead battery mistakes! 

3. Take Your Tools With Ease

Cordless tools are better for those who need to take their equipment with them on the go. While many individuals are used to having to coil up cords, cordless tools give you the option to move about without worry. Cordless means that your items can be safely secured and you can cart them around. 

There is no more struggle with getting the coil just right. Instead, it’s as simple as putting your items together and being ready for the next task at hand. This is a great timesaver when it comes to your projects. Those long wires and power strips could be a hassle to take care of and keep in the right condition at all times. 

4. No Longer Stuck in Place

One of the worst things about corded tools has always been being stuck in one place. You have until the end of the power cord or large extension to give you a bit of added space. This doesn’t make it so that getting your projects finished is convenient off efficient. 

Being stuck on a cord can be a large hindrance to getting your tasks completed. This was, until switching to cordless tools. Cordless tools have the benefit of granting you a better and larger work area. 

Feel free to move around without worrying if there is enough slack or give in order to get your project finished. For this, using a cordless tool can make you much more comfortable and confident in your work. 

5. Fraying Cords Are Yesterday

It’s a problem that happens to many people. You go to plug in a cord only to find out that the cord has been dangerously fried and isn’t usable. This happens and replacing the entire tool is the only option you have. 

Cordless tools make it so that this problem is not one that you face. Instead, the cords that you deal with are mainly only due to the chargers and they can be kept out of the direct line of harm’s way. Your tools are not a direct result of what a frayed cord may look like. 

Frayed cords can lead to very dangerous conditions on a work site or even in your own home. Cordless tools reduce the risk of fire or heavy damage occurring by being a safer alternative. 

6. Work Outdoors Easier

Your outdoor projects won’t require as much stress as they may have before. Setting up an area with corded tools has always meant having a generator or an outdoor plug within easy access. Cordless tools make this something you don’t have to worry about. 

Instead, your cordless tools are charged and ready to go whenever you need them. You’re able to skip out on the generator or heavy to move power cords in order to get your projects done quickly and safely. Instead of the long and difficult setups, your tools are always ready to out. 

Work outside with more efficiency and less stress of having everything within reach. 

7. Onsite Accessibility 

If you’re looking for the best type of easy access, cordless tools give you this option. Using a Dewalt cordless tool gives you quick access whenever you need something. They are a convenient alternative to the stress that may have come along with needing to have everything in the right order to accommodate plugs and electricity. 

Switching to cordless power tools makes your life easier by granting you the right type of accessibility to your tools while also giving you the best options for getting a job done with little stress. 

8. Affordable Prices

Cordless power tools are no more of an expense than power tools with a cord. They are worth the dollar price so that you have safety and convenience in your hand. The fluctuation in prices isn’t much of a difference from what you’ve been paying to plug into a wall. 

In many ways, they even use less energy to use considering that you will be placing it on the charger when you aren’t using it. There is no adding to that electricity bill due to always needing to have your tools plugged into an outlet while they are in use.

Trading that expensive energy bill for an easier-to-use tool is one of your safest bets. 

9. Safer Surrounding 

Have you ever taken into account how many power tool incidents happen because someone has tripped over a cord and had an accident? This is a story with far too many construction mistakes. Cords aren’t always laid down in the right way and the workers end up the ones paying for these mistakes. 

Cordless power tools make your work safer. There are no more cords on the ground that need to be moved in every direction while you find the best angle to work at. Instead, you’re able to get up close to the project without having to check your area for loose wires first. 

These power tools are convenient and safe. They give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to finishing up your projects. A safer alternative to what you might have been used to. 

10. Convenient for You

Cordless tools are a convenient option when it comes to all of your projects. They give you the ability to move around and not need to lug around different cords in order to get a single project done. You have the ability to charge these items instead of needing to stand as close to an outlet as possible. 

These tools are a safe and easy way to make your projects more attainable. Instead of the hassle of cords and outlets, charge up your tools and get your work down in a simple way. 

These are the options you want if using power tools is something that you do often. Make your life a little bit easier with these convenient alternatives. 

Get Your Hands on Cordless Tools

Dewalt cordless tools are what you need for your next project. It’s time to stop worrying about how much room you have left on that old power cord. Cordless tools leave your projects easier to finish. 

Instead of being connected to the wall any longer, find the freedom to finish those projects without worry. 

When you’re ready to find the right power tools for your project, we’re here to help you find the right ones. Let’s discuss which ones you need to add to your collection first.